Blind Chickens, Talking Diamonds and Greedy Galaxies

I’m aware some of you readers keep chickens.  If you’re having problems with blindness among them you might be interested in joining where there’s an interesting discussion going on about the problem.  This was the beginning post for the thread:

Blind Rooster
Posted: Sat Dec 3, 2011 5:47 am (PST)
Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this. Monday afternoon, I noticed two hens on the wrong side of the fence, so went to retrieve them, and find the rest of their little band. Found all but one rooster. Couldn’t find him in any of the “regular” places, but they do have lots of room to roam. Figured I’d check again before bedtime, as he’s usually the first one in. Didn’t show up. Put everyone else in, and went hunting, for feathers if nothing else:(. Well, I found him by the fence, but inside. Just sitting there. He let me pick him up without protest, but he’s always been laid-back. Still, I knew something was wrong. Put him in a different coop, with shelves instead of bar roosts. The next day he was down on the floor, walking around, but bumping into the screening for the duck section, and sitting in corners/nests. Realized his vision was at least partially gone. Blocked him in, and started antibiotics, since I had no idea what else to do. That night he was back up on the shelf, so he must have some vision, I guess. Wasn’t eating or drinking that I could see, just walked over everything. Brought him into the Hospital Unit (a carrier in my bathrooom :). He began to drink, and finally eat. He crows (oh, swell) but his cue seems to be noise rather than light. Put him outside yesterday (in a big crate) afternoon for some sun, but he just sat there. Some of the other chickens did come scratch around him, but he seemed oblivious.
His eyes look odd, not whiteish, but the center (behind the cornea and inside the iris, where it should be black) looks “solid”, if that makes any sense.

Any thoughts?

Meanwhile, you readers involved in clandestine, extra-marital relationships might be well-advised to remove your diamond jewelry before checking into some seedy motel. 

In the quantum world, diamonds can communicate with each other

December 2, 2011 By Joel N. Shurkin

The vibrational states of two spatially separated, millimeter-sized diamonds are entangled at room temperature by scattering a pair of strong pump pulses (green). The generated motional entanglement is verified by observing nonclassical correlations in the inelastically scattered light. Credit: Dr. Lee and colleagues, Image Copyright Science|AAAS

Elsewhere in the news, the 99% movement has suffered a disturbing setback with the discovery we live in a greedy galaxy, gobbling up smaller galaxies.

Barred Spiral Milky Way. Illustration Credit: R. Hurt (SSC), JPL-Caltech, NASA

The Milky Way galaxy continues to devour its small neighbouring dwarf galaxies and the evidence is spread out across the sky.

Government and Wall Street Cray computers working on the problem tentatively estimate the 99 percenters are actually 0.000000000000001 percenters galaxy-wide.  Political and financial-industry hired-guns are working three shifts to prepare television documentaries and PR campaigns to assist in correcting the error.

In a related story, multi-national corporations and Wall Street banks have hired a team of astrophysicists and astronomers to study black holes in an effort to develop more thorough strategies and techniques to solidify and expand their holdings.  Additionally, the illustration on the right suggests black holes might also provide improved methods in the use of pepper-spray.

“An optical image of the sky showing the location of the black hole, Cygnus X-1. (Right) An artist’s conception of the black hole system, showing the black hole drawing material towards it from a massive, blue companion star. This material forms a disk and jets that emit radiation. Credit: Optical: DSS; Illustration: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss

“Black holes are among the most amazing and bizarre predictions of Einstein’s theory of gravity. A black hole is thought to be point-like in dimension, but it is surrounded by an imaginary surface, or “edge,” of finite size (its “event horizon”) within which anything that ventures becomes lost forever to the rest of the universe.”

The overall optimism derived from these stories was something I wanted to share with you readers to lift whatever waning spirits you might experiencing his crisp, rainy morning.

Old Jules

18 responses to “Blind Chickens, Talking Diamonds and Greedy Galaxies

  1. I think black holes are full of not only stars and galaxies, but socks, mittens, homework, car keys, child support checks, people’s names, and a few random minds.

  2. My diamonds are talking to each other?
    I wonder what they are saying?
    Probably that it is time they had a clean.

    • granny1947: My suspicion is they’re talking about the downside of all the glare, grumbling about all the pomp and ceremony, and wondering whether there’s some faceteer they’re going to have to put up with in the future after the gold bezel wears down. Just a guess though. gracias jules

  3. I never even considered the possibility of chickens going blind. :/

    You’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blog Award:

  4. so much thought and information oh wise one (~_~)

    • zendictive: Thought and wisdom are both higher than my paygrade. I just reports what the thoughtful and wise serve up and try to make do with that. I appreciate you stopping in. Jules

  5. I misread things a lot. In the first para, second sentence about diamonds, I read the line thusly: The generated e-motional entanglement is verified by observing…

    Thank you for my interconnectedness happy of the day!

  6. Okay, so we have blind chickens wearing adulterous jewelry while being sucked into black holes. Slow day, huh?

    • Hi Ed: Cold, rainy day here. Chickens, adulterous jewelry and black holes are about all that’s going on in the Universe able to overcome the temptation for wet socks and muddy shoes. Thanks for the visit. Jules

  7. None of the chickens ever survived long enough to develop cataracts at Grandma’s little place in the sun, back in 1948. A fascination with black holes has prompted much reading about them but has not increased my understanding in any way, shape or form. Diamonds enjoyed some of my affection until they became “blood diamonds” and I began to realize that greed is the cause of all misery in the world…
    P.S. Keep us posted on that rooster, now, you hear?

    • Lindy Lee: Life was tough for chickens in 1948, I reckons. All those hungry troops coming home from WWII, train locomotives trying to evolve from steam to diesel, people running around in cars with the headlights inside the front fenders instead of atop them. I can see how they’d have suffered an early demise.

      Black holes, I reckons, aren’t intended to be understood. They’re there for no other reason than to be used as literary symbols. Same with diamonds.

      The Great Speckled Bird’s having a tough time with the cold and moisture, but he’s not the one blind. That belongs to someone on the Free Ranging Chickens group. Gracias, Jules

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