Two Big Events in One Day!

Wow.  I must be living right.

First, at the Hospice Thrift Store in Kerrville I found these gloves with no fingertips for $1.50.  When it’s cold in this cabin I go to 18 layers of longjohns and sweatsuits, Sorel snowboots and innovative headgear.  But my fingers stiffen until I can only use the computer with a lot of mistakes.

I’m thinking those gloves are going to fix that one.

But on arriving back home and tuning the computer to this frequency I found to my delight that Michael had explained the solution to another one I’ve been scratching my head over longer than I care to admit.

Thank you Michael.

Old Jules


8 responses to “Two Big Events in One Day!

  1. Man, if you haven’t pooped in high cotton today! Somedays it’s better to be lucky than good 😉 Good for you!!!

  2. frost bite fingers aren’t too bad till they thaw out (grin)

  3. Ragg wool, nice and warm.

    • Morning to you elroyjones. Yeah, they’re cool. I even slept in them last night so’s I wouldn’t wake every time one of my hands wandered out from under the covers in my sleep. Best sleep I’ve enjoyed in a while. Thanks for stopping in. Gracias, J

  4. Always glad to be of assistance! 🙂

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