WordPress Planetarium Software and 21 Grams

In case you hadn’t noticed it, WordPress has evidently installed a planetarium software over-ride here with the stars speeded up and going across the blog north-to-south instead of horizontally.  I’ve no idea why.

After they filmed the scene from the movie 21 grams at the motel next door to where I lived in Grants, New Mexico, I got the job of helping to clean up the site afterward.  While I watched them finish things up I saw wossname, Sean Penn smoking the cigar above and leave it in this ashtray.

Those folks left a hell of a mess.

But being the sort of guy I am, I emptied those butts into a baggie and stored them away for whatever future use I could put them to.  That’s bound to be an expensive cigar and I always figured on smoking it on down, but I could never build up the certainty I’d advanced to that level of risk level yet.  Whatever’s on that cigar always seemed to me potentially more lethal than whatever I’ve already got and don’t know about.

But I’ve digressed.  What I wanted to say is, “DAMN those movie people are a messy bunch.”

That, and, “Why don’t WordPress stars move horizontally across the screen like normal stars?”

Old Jules


13 responses to “WordPress Planetarium Software and 21 Grams

  1. Good find. What’s going to happen with all that stuff?

  2. Why don’t you put that cigar up on eBay as a Sean Penn souvenir. You’re bound to find someone with more money than sense to buy it from you, complete with your hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity.

    • David W: It’s an ugly, nasty thing. I doubt anyone would want it. Besides, the authenticity would work against it. Who’d want something like that at all, but especially if it was authentic? Nobody. That’s who. Gracias, Jules

  3. Are you talking about the fact that it suddenly started snowing on my blog?

    • lifeintheboomerlane: Snow? Snow? Hmmm. Snow and not stars going the wrong way still doesn’t make sense, but I suppose it makes more sense from some perspective or other. Gracias, Jules

  4. Yeah, it’s supposed to represent snow flakes. It’s a JavaScript thing I’ve seen elsewhere in years past. I despise JavaScript.

  5. Javascript snow is quite obviously invented by those who don’t have snow in real life. Those of us who do feel no need to see the stuff replicated on our computer screens.

    A javascript Sean Penn though, now that would be something…

  6. I’m a cigar man so I loved the first pic (grin)

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