Barbed-Wire Utopia

Abundant grass pastoral bliss
Hills and arroyos
Of cow-price scowls
Beyond their ken
Herd grazes reverie
Pond and hay mollified
Bicker snort sling slobber push
For turns at salt and mineral block
While even forked branch
Fence stretchers fatten
For foam tray
And clear-plastic
Of beef futures

Old Jules
Copyright NineLives Press


10 responses to “Barbed-Wire Utopia

  1. Oh yeah, ain’t times a’changed!

  2. Hi there! I’m passing through to let you know that I selected you for the versatile Blogger Award so you can click directly on my link below to find out what to do next!

  3. That video is music to my ears. Thanks for posting, Jules.

  4. “….foam tray and clear plastic heaven”, wow, You got this vegetarian’s heart a bit broken with your perfectly penned picture.

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