Old Sol’s Christmas Tortilla -Second Harvest – 4th Movement


Amusing himself as only he can do.  Strutting his stuff for Alpha Centauri, most likely.

I saw something that rhymed with this on a tortilla in New Mexico once, but they charged money to see it.  This one’s gratis.

Off to the right there’s this, for the eclectic tastes in the audience.


Old Jules


8 responses to “Old Sol’s Christmas Tortilla -Second Harvest – 4th Movement

  1. wonderful post, keep on writing , love it …god bless ya

  2. I just discovered to my dismay that the 4th, although 11 minutes are shown, is not complete…. it’s worth viewing because OH my gosh, that soprano!, and the way that bass moves his mouth! But to hear the whole thing, here’s another link:

    If you have other things to do than watch the entire performance, like I do, just crank up the speakers and let it rip!

    • Morning Jeanne: Hope you and the family had a fine time last night. I posted the 11 minutes, even though incomplete, because I figured downloading time would go exponential trying to get it all, and because I like the 11 minutes for watching at least that part happening. Glad you found one with all of it. Gracias, Jules

  3. wonderful post, i love it…keep posting plz and Merry Christmas to you , god bless you

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