Winter Garlic! Hot Diggidy Damn!

I figure most of you readers really wish you could be me, and I regret you can’t.  The Universe only allows one at a time.  But I’m obliged to all of you for not saying so.  I’d be forever having to work my mind around in ways so’s I don’t feel sorry for you because I recognize you don’t visit here looking for sympathy and pity.

Part of the reason you probably wish you were me is that the Universe is always dumping surprise blessings on me just for the hell of it.  Same as It does you, the difference being I tag and number them so’s they don’t go unnoticed.

It’s a low-overcast day out there and on the cold, wet side.  I just went out to make sure Tabby and Shiva the Cow Cat were staying warm and dry, took them out some old clothing and wadded it into the cat houses just to provide an edge. 

But while I was folding a Mexican rug into Tabby’s hideyhole I glanced across the meadow at the garden, which fared poorly past summer because I was hauling water and it was a drought.  ” Something green over there,” thinks I, and proceeded to soak my footwear mucking over for a looksee.

The moisture’s brought back the garlic I put out year-before-last!  Just look at that stuff enjoying life it thought had spang passed it by.

Law law law!  I don’t blame you for wishing you were me.  If I weren’t so would I.

Old Jules

24 responses to “Winter Garlic! Hot Diggidy Damn!

  1. Congrats on the garlic!!! Mine didn’t make this year due to the sever dry. . BUT this fall it has re- sprouted and hopefully next year I can harvest!!

    • Morning Ben: Glad to hear yours is coming back too. I’m figuring to use some of this early on without waiting for it to get big enough to flex its muscles. Hope yours is a fine day. Jules

  2. Yep, Jules, wish I had some winter garlic!!! Yum – roasted garlic is tasty.

  3. garlic is by far the best flavor

  4. Jules, just the right time for new birth now all ya need is some pasta and tomatoe sauce. Timetales

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  6.…er….nope…can’t say I wish I was you….you don’t live near the sea…and you are a man!!!!
    I wonder if one can plant garlic in a pot?

    • granny1947: Garlic’s not all that picky. A person might. I appreciate you saying you ain’t. Keeps me from feeling guilty other people can’t be. Gracias, Jules

  7. Sad Man's Tongue: Rockabilly Bar & Bistro - Prague

    Merry Christmas and thanks for following 🙂

  8. What a nice little blessing from the Universe…oh lucky you!

  9. Nice find!

    But, I bet you wish you were me. Up HERE IN OLE’ WYOMING, asparagus grows wild along the irrigation ditches. Yes, yes, yes, lovely, lovely asparagus. It tastes wonderful.

    You can have the crawdads my brother gets in huge pots tho! Bleh. Oh, he doesn’t get those at the irrigation ditches to be clear, they are in the lake/reservoir. 🙂

    I wish YOU, a wonderful, spectacular Merry Christmas!

    • Fourbluehills: I’m obliged for your visit. I’d settle for the asparagus yanking up its roots and trucking down to where the cats are cats and the chickens are glad of it. Wouldn’t object to crawdads, too, if they’re dry land crawdads. Best to you, Jules

      • Dry land crawdads? Really? I didn’t know there is such a thing! WOW! These come from the reservoir, they hang out in the water! 🙂

        How was your Christmas? Terrific I hope? How is your New Year going? I know it is hard to say only being two days old, but here’s to hoping, for you, that it is a wonderful year!

  10. We may not have the garlic so late in the season but we hang on to our parsley long into winter, buried in snow. Maybe no comparison, just saying.

  11. Love your attitude of enjoying small blessings. Happy New Year to you and all your critters.

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