From Jeanne: It’s a blog!

Img_8684Jeanne Kasten Studio

Thanks to everyone who has shown interest in my drawings. I will continue to update the categories that I’ve started, and anticipate posting there about once a week. Your comments are welcome!



7 responses to “From Jeanne: It’s a blog!

  1. Outstandingly lovely. God bless

  2. Thanks, Ray’s Mom. I appreciate you looking at it.

  3. Hi Jeanne. Glad to see you’ve got it up and running. My thought is you’ve been needing to do this for a long while. Looks good. J

    • It seems obvious, now, doesn’t it? That Deviant Art page isn’t easy to navigate and nobody can leave comments there unless they have an account. This is much better.

  4. Thanks for sharing your beautiful artwork. They are absolutely fantastic!

  5. Hello, Jeanne AKA mandala56: Never could decide what color is my favorite color. Your designs represent so well my indecision. I do enjoy your talent…

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