Where’s the goat with the gold plated horns?

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read.

The hmmm government is shut down.  Federal holiday of sorts, I reckons.

NSA’s almost certainly still bugging your phone today. Homeland Security people are sitting around backyard barbeques bouncing around ideas for the next terrorist scare.  The war profiteers are still working three shifts trying to find computers fast enough to tally up the money they’re making, but months behind in doing it.  International Bankers are sitting around boardrooms thinking up reasons they need bailing out with a government injection.

But, the hmm government’s shut down.  Scary stuff. 

Imagine all the stuff government does that won’t get done today.  Without anyone noticing it, all kinds of stuff I can’t think of right now isn’t getting done, and if I had any inkling what it was it would probably rattle me down to my bootheels.

Heck, what if that stuff doesn’t get done tomorrow?  Or ten years from now?  Hells bells, eventually someone would notice.  Scaryscaryscary.

But what’s going on is intended to fill the heads of people who pay attention to what the government is doing.  Assume, for the sake of the argument, this whole thing is theater.  An illusion of drama to keep everyone focused.

Where is the goat with the golden horns?  What is ACTUALLY going on someone doesn’t want you seeing because you’re too busy worrying the FDA and US Department of Agriculture are home not protecting you from genetic modified food grains and Monsanto?

Where’s the goat with the gold plated horns?

I don’t know the answer and I’m not searching for one.  But if I were I’d stand as much chance for success as I’d have going to Israel collecting money for the Palestinian Relief Fund.

Likely as not it’s something fairly large though.  The dust will settle, the government will go back to work, and you can bet there’ll be something brand, spanking new crept onto the scene when you weren’t looking.

Old Jules

17 responses to “Where’s the goat with the gold plated horns?

  1. What makes me mad is that I can’t get my daily view of Mt. Rainier because all the national parks and the websites are shut down.

  2. That was my first thought : “look over here” to keep us from looking over There…

  3. This is the 6th time the government’s shut down since 1976 for more than ten days. Nothing’s going to happen. 🙂

  4. Dang it. Where is that goat with the gold plated horns?

  5. I thought of you when I first heard the government had shutdown. My first thought was that they couldn’t mess anything up if they are shutdown. Then I heard that Congress will get paid, which blew my notion to smithereens!

  6. I, too, wonder what is going on behind the scenes. Nothing happens wihtout a purpose…and you can bet it isn’t for our benefit. Yep, I bet my emails are being sensored even with a government shutdown.

  7. I am so relieved that my email is still being read by a larger audience than the recipients’ for whom it is intended. Government readership is part of my marketing plan for publication. It’s all about brand recognition. I’d be devastated to know that my far flung thoughts have been read by just a few.

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