The European circumcision crisis

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Most of us probably go through life without doing a lot of thinking about circumcision.  I know I have, though I recall being fairly pleased I’d been through it as an infant when my old friend Vic had to have it done at the age of 30.

But in Europe I suppose someone decided just anyone ought not go around cutting the foreskins off male babies unless they’d had a bit of medical training.  They passed a law saying so.  Which thoroughly pissed off Israel, who pronounced it racist.  Evidently Jews and Arabs do it all the time and it’s worked out more-or-less okay.

I suppose if I had to choose and someone was going to take a knife to my pecker I’d rather they knew a little something about what they were doing, but I honestly don’t have a clue.  Mine might have gotten chewed off by a space alien for all I know.

Back in the 1960s there was a joke about a guy, said he got a job at a hospital as a circumcisor.  Said it paid 30 skins a week and a chance to get a head.

And during the ’70s Homer Henderson and the Dalworthian Garden Boys recorded a song, Hillbilly Pecker, about a kid who wasn’t circumcised.  Experienced some trauma when he discovered everyone else was.

HOMER HENDERSON Hillbilly Pecker .

But other than that I haven’t done much thinking about it.  Don’t know whether it’s racist, or not, just anyone taking a blade to a foreskin.

Likely there’ll be shots fired over it before the Europeans and Israel get it worked out.

Old Jules

3 responses to “The European circumcision crisis

  1. The ONLY way to lose a foreskin is to WEAR IT OFF!!!
    Most Rabbis say they don’t charge to perform a Bris (Jewish ritual circumcision). They say they’re just in it for the tips.

    • Hi Oldsalt1942: That method [wearing it off] used to be widely attempted by adolescent boys up in hay lofts, etc. I don’t know whether it worked for any of them. I do recall in 7th grade gym class a lot were showing up with merthiolade on their peckers where they’d worn holes in the sides trying. Gracias, J

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