Wild as a Texas blue norther

Hi readers. Thanks for coming by for a read.

This norther turned out to be not all that wild, but it spang brought the first taste of fall.  Caught me not knowing exactly where I’ve got my sleeping caps stored away.  Had to settle for a sweatsuit jacket with a hood.

Cats mostly stayed in the RV with me during the night, though they had to trip outdoors occasionally to make certain things were going okay out there.  Didn’t take them long to decide everything was hunkie dorie enough to scratch on the screen and trust to the Universe to protect things from the space aliens sneaking around out there.

Heluva a fine morning out there.  More stars than I’ve seen for a while, Orion and the Pleiades romancing.

The Toyota RV should be gone from here within the next few days, along with the old 4 Runner and the pickup-bed trailer, got a guy wants the chainlink dog-runs I used for a chicken pen, too.  Put my Toyota RV Onan generator up on Craigslist a few days ago, but it hasn’t drawn any excitement.  Might have to lower my expectations about the value of it.

ONAN RV generator sell or trade for Moped – $275 (Harper, Texas)


So here I am being methodical about running off into the sunset, which represents something of a behavioral change for me.  But I’m getting a bit long in the tooth to be responding to the wild as a Texas blue norther side of my youthful character I’ve always tried to nurture.

I’m figuring by the end of October I’ll be somewhere I don’t need to be wild to still have a few challenges and healthy moments of self-doubt.

I still have to figure out some way of getting a mailing address in the neighborhood of the Texas/New Mexico boundary, which is probably going to be challenge enough for most usual purposes.

Old Jules

6 responses to “Wild as a Texas blue norther

  1. The very best o you. Hope everything goes better than you even expected. Could be good to know someone is assisting in our lives other than the Pleiadies (Sp?), knows us better than we do, and cares, hey, it ‘a Sunday,
    “There’s Room At the Cross for You”
    One song on the docket this morning’s service. Cats got me up ! May winter be kind and not too cold . Chuck

  2. I just took a look at the ad for the generator. It might help if you put the size of the gen in the ad and I’d loose the phrase “extensive repairs”.
    No real need to confuse anyone with the camper you didn’t keep & aren’t selling….
    Last winter (in Quartzsite) there was a guy selling a motorized bike or two from a bike shop/tent next to the Quartzsite General Store.

  3. Busy-busy. Feels wonderful organizing and putting things to right. Good luck with your sales.

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