Never trust a Free Mason who doesn’t look older than you.

At least don’t trust them more than you’d trust anyone else.  Josephus Minimus 

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read.

Free Mason who didn’t look a day older than me sidled up to me in the hardware store parking lot yesterday.  “I want to sell you a ticket to a fish fry.  I hope you’ll come join us for a while.”  He gestured with a packet of tickets.  “We’ll have a lot of prizes to give away in drawings.”

Respectable enough looking guy, but too damned young to be a Free Mason, thinks I.  For something to say courteous to him, “What’s the cost?”

He told me and I’d run spang out of conversation pieces.  There’s a fish fry I might attend for the Harper Fire Department in a week or so, but I didn’t figure I’d care to drive to Kerrville for one.  “So when is it?”

Ah.  That’s the catch.  It’s in March.”

March?  I figure I’ll be dead or somewhere else in March.”

He shrugged.  “I wish I could join you.”

Two things seem clear to me. 

  • The guy was older than he looked.  A lot older, assuming he’s a Free Mason.  Probably uses some kind of Free Mason black magic keeping himself looking young like regular people. 
  • Secondly, he was trying to trick me into having to stay around here until March, 2014.  Likely has some sort of Free Mason conspiracy doings.  Wanting to tanglefoot me into them.

Anyway, having deftly sidestepped the Free Mason Conspiracy I had a good trip to town, generally.  Got me a water pump to get water from a container on the ground up into the RV tank.  Impeller with hose bibs on each side, shaft to turn it fits into the chuck of an electric drill.  Moves 250 gallons an hour.  That thing’s going to save me some heavy lifting in the future. $6.95 US.  2013 dollars.

Also picked up a set of fancydancy 21st Century screwdriver heads of all different shapes and sizes to foil the efforts of engineers everywhere.  And a damned cheapass volt meter.

Then down at the Dollar Tree store picked up all manner of things a person needs to get by in this life, each for a dollar.  A person can spend a $20 bill in there and come away with $100 worth of groceries anywhere else.  [32 oz box-like containers of MSG-free beef or chicken broth for $1 US each.  I bought 128 oz, two of each.  Stocking up for The End of Life as We Know It – TEOLAWKI.  MSG free TEOLAWKI won’t bring back telephones, computers and radiation levels people can survive in, but it beats boiling 2-headed mutant horses to add flavor.]

Stopped on the way home to talk to the guy up the hill.  He told me about the Marfa Lights, which I’ve heard of over the years, but never seen.  Came away entertaining the thought I might swing out that way and have a look when I get out of here.

Lessons in life, flashes of insight about things I haven’t done yet, and busted a Free Mason conspiracy.  All in one day.

Life is good.

Old Jules

7 responses to “Never trust a Free Mason who doesn’t look older than you.

  1. Good one — on the road in Kimble county in route to Houston from Tucson.

    • Hi Kenne. Wish I’d known you were coming. I’d have met you in Junction [Timewarpsville] and bought you a plate of some of the best barbeque I know of. Maybe shown you a couple of place of interest. I could have rationalized the trip by knowing I needed to get tags for the trailer. Maybe next time. Or somewhere else when you get further west. Great trip to you. Jack

  2. Know a girl who was visiting her sister in Alpine many years ago, she met a guy who wanted to take her to see the Marfa lights…. she thought it was like asking her to go watch the submarine races.

    It’s good to have something to look for on the way to where ever it is your going, the Marfa lights will work.

    • Hi Rob: Been a number of decades since I’ve been to Marfa and didn’t know then to look at the lights anywhere. I was headed from Alpine to Ojinaga figuring on buying clay hanging baskets for plants. Sometime in the 1970s. Asked for directions once across the border and got led to a funeral home. Failure to communicate, I reckons.

      Actually there used to be a hot springs place, middle of nowhere north of there I went to sometime later. Cost a couple of bucks to spend the night and use the 1920s vintage cabins and facilities. Not lights that time, either.

      Submarine races in the desert ought to compare favorably to Ojinaga, anyway. Gracias, Jack

  3. Nor Rotarians hawking tickets to the pancake feed. Scary!

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