They still want to do the Dirty Bop – And they all want to play Hamlet

I’m trying to remember my partner in disgrace.  Might have been Patsy Bohannan, maybe.  Around that time I recall we sat on opposite ends of a seesaw in the park surrounded by other kids, her singing, “Why do fools fall in love”, had me squirming something awful.  But she was a preacher’s daughter.  Not a good candidate for the Dirty Bop.

So it might have been Linda Kiker or a girl with a really bad reputation named Nancy Koch.  Seems I ought to remember, but at the time the disgrace was so overwhelming and the likely consequences so widespread, identity got swept into the grader-ditch of history.

Anyway, it was one of those Junior High School events at the Portales Memorial Building.  I’d never heard of the Dirty Bop, presumably the female side of the equation also had never heard of it.  The only time either of us had ever danced the bop was probably sneaking around practicing behind locked doors at home.

But great minds think alike, I expect, and there’s always becoming absorbed in the event, showing off, whatever.  We danced the Dirty Bop.  A Portales First, most likely.

Got our asses kicked spang out of the Memorial Building for our trouble, got to have a long prayer meeting with Mr. Livingston.  A man in authority who had a lot of familiarity with my backside with the paddle he kept in his office.

Anyway, it all worked out for the good in the end.  I eventually became me.  Likely, whomever the girl was eventually became her.  And I don’t recall ever encountering her later in any waterfront bar or strip joint somewhere.

But I guess the Dirty Bop is still around after all these years.

High school requires signed dance contract that bans twerking

Annapolis High School in Maryland is now requiring that students and parents sign a dance contract which aims to cut down on provocative dancing at the school’s next homecoming. As reported by WMAR ABC 10 News, the contract outlines the school’s policies and expected student behavior very specifically. Junior Lexi Pline said, “The first day we get it, it’s usually just kind of funny to read it because of the way, like the way they describe everything. It’s kind of hilarious.” The contract states that “sexually explicit dancing will not be tolerated,” and defines explicit dancing as “grinding,” “making out,” and “buttocks touching a partner or in the air.” The last point apparently intended to stop twerking at school functions.

Just goes to show, as Carl Perkins or someone once said, “You can’t stop Rock and Roll“.   Or maybe it was Bill Haley and the Comets.  I heard a while back he died as a street person in Alabama or somewhere.  Still dancing.  Nobody ever explained the consequences of dancing the Dirty Bop to him.

Old Jules

Afterthought:  Actually I think it was Carl Perkins talking about that British group, the Beetles or whatever, when they first showed up on the radar,  “They aren’t Elvis, but they aren’t all that bad.”

7 responses to “They still want to do the Dirty Bop – And they all want to play Hamlet

  1. Prohibition of fun things only makes them more enticing. 🙂

  2. Oh, the rigours of proper behaviour.

  3. guesses are  it was Nancy Koch.   She really wasn’t “bad”  she just was a little ahead of everyone else and the “good girls”  that liked the “bad ass” guys didn’t like the “competition.   Also, she was from the wrong side of the tracks.   I,m pissed off, I never got to do the “”dirty dancing”!!

    • Morning Keith: The pleasure of that particular dirty dancing was disguised in the aftermath. And you stuck around the town longer than I did. Likely you’d have eaten and drank on the story for decades.

      Probably too many are still alive for you and I to discuss the bad ‘uns much. But in that town and that time bad was fairly innocent by later standards. Not for lack of trying, maybe, but the database and accessories just weren’t around to be referred to for honing down badness to a fine edge. As I recall, Kingman Nix had a sister, Noreen, it might have been, who was reputed to be bad. Besides being the mirror image of Kim Novak. I recall wishing I was a couple of years older and bad enough to fit whatever it was she wanted in a badman. Good seeing you amigo. Jack

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