Buckle Up, Westerners

My friend Ed’s using some nice long words lately. Jack

Do What's Right

When you finally grow up and learn to understand the full range of reasoning, not restricting your thoughts to the shallow swamp of Aristotelian epistemology, everything you’ve learned is transformed.

The whole of Western history is one long, sad tale of building skyscrapers on the sand. With a visceral hatred for virtually every good gift of ancient civilizations, Western man has no excuse for his egregiously stupid failure to understand this world. God has given the West enough rope to hang itself, and the gallows are just about ready.

Now is the time to trade your empty materialistic logic for some deep truth, folks.

If you were blessed with a decent education, you are no doubt aware of the various economic and political creeds popular with Americans today. With a decent awareness of elder philosophies, you recognize that people do not act in their own best interests. They always act…

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