No Blog Awards Appeal and the So Far From Heaven Blog

Jeanne's work

Please help me control the egos of the hats, cats, chickens, deer, wild hogs, dead trees and the Communist Toyota 4-Runner.

I appreciate all you visitors who come here and the kind words many of you say about So Far From Heaven.  But I’m asking a favor of all of you.  Accept our gratitude, but don’t offer awards.

There are thousands of fantastic blogs on the web.  Many of those great blogs are getting blog awards.  I believe all of those receiving those awards deserve them, aside from the awards offered to this blog.  This blog is not yet worthy of any blog award.

Jeanne and I work hard on So Far From Heaven and we’re both determined to make it better, possibly good enough to receive an award someday.  But we both know we aren’t there yet.  So Far From Heaven has a long way to go..

Giving blog awards to So Far From Heaven detracts from the value of the awards.

But the blog awards offered to this blog have also bloated the community ego.  The cats, chickens, deer, dead trees and even the Communist Toyota have all become insufferable.

So until some time in the future when we consider the blog to have reached a better standard, please accept our thanks for the thought, but don’t nominate So Far From Heaven for blog awards.


Old Jules

22 responses to “No Blog Awards Appeal and the So Far From Heaven Blog

  1. I agree. Not that you don’t deserve an award, but that awards should be hard earned. If you don’t feel you’ve gotten there, then I understand not wanting to accept the award.

    But, do keep in mind, there are folks who have probably gained a lot of insight from your words and the awards is probably their way of saying thanks.

    • tmso: I agree and appreciate every one of them. I’m simply asking those considering doing it to hold off until some future time, while being assured of my gratitude for their kindness. Gracias, Jules

  2. Jeanne’s work should get an award too, great stuff!

  3. I haven’t seen what blog awards you’ve been receiving, but a lot of these “awards” are not really awards as such – they’re a form of chain letter that serves the purpose or driving readers to your blog. Each person who receives an “award” of this kind is asked to write a blog post that nominates a list of your own favourite blogs that your readers might also enjoy.

    I feel awkward about receiving such awards, not because of my blog’s quality (or lack of it), but because responding to chain letters isn’t what I want my blog to be about. I already have a blogroll for recommendations. So while I appreciate being told I have a great blog, I find these “awards” to be a type of spam – which isn’t the sort of thing one can say to those who have so kindly recommended one’s blog to their readers!

    • Snaiquake: The awards here have been of the sort you described. I assume the people awarding them were sincere and weren’t intentionally promoting a blog Ponzi pyramid. However, there’s a considerable pyramid in the making out among blog writers as a result of these awards. As the pyramid matures I’d expect there will be enough awards going around to keep a person busy busy busy.

      Naturally, I wish I had time for it, I think I prefer to hold out for the Nobel Prize for Blogsterism sometime after it’s all been recognized for the serious matter blogging is.

      Thanks for the visit this morning. Gracias, Jules

  4. Hey Jules,
    I’m right there with you. I have been wondering about the origin of these awards and what process chooses the winner. As far as i can tell there is no central regulating body of bloggers out there handing out awards or overseeing a process.
    I agree with your take and I think that while these folks are no doubt well intentioned; they represent a class of blogger that I have nothing against but whom I don’t think are focused on things other than the content of their blog. In other words they want to have a quality blog for the sake of the accomplishment of having a quality blog. The blog coming first; the message second. It’s not that I disapprove of these folks or don’t appreciate their efforts. I read alot of great poetry and prose out on the blogs. It’s also not a question of content. Some poets; for example are concerned about the blog more than the poetry and some are not. Some just want to express themselves and some are trying to push home a point about life, love, or even politics. All are worthy but each has a different focus.
    For me; my blog is a vehicle to get my message out. I write with some urgency I hope. I would like to have a blog that folks consider a good one although I am not sure I understand all of the criteria. I started my blog the day I finally got my computer. I looked for free sites, chose a theme and posted. This has caused me to go back and rethink much and I contnue to make changes to improve the site but first and foremost. I want to get the message out to people. If my blog achieves this and is good enough to act as a platform for my words; I am content.
    Honestly; I don’t know if your site deserves an award or not. I read it and I like it. You have a great style and you write on a wide variety of subjects. To be honest, I sometimes wish I could widen out a bit. Maybe the time will come but anyway I must say I really enjoy your stuff and that’s the only award I offer.
    Now to my most pressing point. This Jeanne person.
    I think I recall you mentioning her as a friend who helps you with the blog. But she seems to be a bit of a mystery woman.
    When I saw the painting above it brought the mention of her to mind and I figured I would go ahead and get a little nosey.
    Just what are your roles in the production of “So Far From Heaven”? Can we see a picture of her so as to have a face for the artist?
    The painting is beautiful and it seems she is a major player in your work.
    And, that she does alot more art than we get to see.
    That seems a shame.
    Also; I could be wrong but I think, I; and your other readers as well would like to be able to associate the work with a more fully developed soul. A tangible personality. As it is; everytime you mention her I have to actually go through a series of associations to get the memory of who she is.
    It’s as if a person is there in vague shadow form. I am left with a feeling of uneasy mystery. And aside from all that; she deserves to be associated with her Art. I would most assuredly hang her work in my home if I could afford it
    If I am being presumptious; I appologize. I don’t mean to be and if there is a good reason in your mind for this state of suspence; then that’s ok.
    I’m just sayin’
    Hey have a great day. Keep up the good fight and keep those choppers guessing. I love that stuff
    And (as if she won’t read this) express my deep appreciation of Jeanne’s art. I wish we could see alot more of it to try to get a better sense of the artist as I say. I seem a bit dramatic to some but I have a deep belief in the meeting of spirits through the art and or writing or conversation where no art exists. Almost as if through the work we put something of ourself out there in the air. I always felt that way when I wrote poetry. When I read it for people it was a way of allowing them in without allowing them in; if you take my meaning. It’s me saying, “Here I am in all my pieces. If you really have the will, the desire and the consciousness and are in harmony with my soul; you can know me. But you have to be a certain type of soul to put these pieces together”.
    So; G’day talk with you soon.

    • Hi angrymanspeaks: Thanks for coming by and expressing your interest in glowing terms. Somewhere back in the early days of the blog I’m sure I remember explaining about Jeanne’s role, but it’s fairly well buried now I expect.

      Jeanne’s an old friend. She and her family had a cabin on the continental divide about a mile from me during Y2K. One day after Y2K didn’t happen and it was plain I was going to have to go back to town to live I was burning a lot of heavyweight stuff I’d hauled around all my life almost, and she showed up with her kids, saw what I was doing. She asked if, instead of burning it, they could take it. Tons of my early writing, the only manuscripts for several novels, all manner of things that would no longer exist.

      For years Jeanne had been after me to start a blog and use some of those early writings and things I’ve written since, all of which she had copies of. But my slow connection makes it a time-consuming process and I simply wasn’t interested in spending my time that way. But when she got a high speed connection we talked about trying it that way, and a piece of what’s here is part of what she has stored. If I don’t feel like writing anything she drags something up from the past and posts it.

      She also pulls things out of the mass of what she has and posts them on wossname, the thing people go to to connect, the name escapes me… another one of these Internet things. She posts short Ask Old Jules things frequently there.

      Anyway, I’ve got more projects going on here than I can say grace over and I never intended to get as involved as I have in the blog. She was going to administer it and handle most of it and if I wanted to write something it would be here. Maybe sometime it will come to that. She’s got material enough to keep it going for years if I died today.

      Anyway, hope that clears things up somewhat. I’m obliged for your visit. Jules

      Edit: Facebook. ASK OLD JULES on Facebook’s a question/answer thing she posts there from something I did once and she saved.

    • Thanks for bringing this up, it’s been a while since I posted anything here.
      Here’s a link you might find entertaining about how we met (picture at the end):
      Again, thanks. I work two jobs which makes it difficult to be involved as far as writing, but maybe I’ll post some art work more often.

  5. Here’s the Deviant Art page link:

  6. Good post. I don’t accept awards. I’d rather acknowledge other bloggers on my site, and I appreciate when others do so with mine.

  7. What a gracious way to refuse awards. I was thinking of asking something similar from my readers but still don’t know what’s the right way to put it.
    I wish you to get the biggest and the most precious award one day!

  8. Hey, found your site by accident doing a search on Google but I’ll definitely be coming back. – Anyone who has lost track of time when using a computer knows the propensity to dream, the urge to make dreams come true and the tendency to miss lunch. Attributed to Tim Berners-Lee

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