Order Out of Chaos

Morning readers.  I’m obliged you came by for a read. 

This drawing of Jeanne’s was on an otherwise blank draft post page in the whatchallit, dashboard, with the title Order Out of Chaos.  It’s evidently a Photoshop manipulation of another work and until I messed up re-sizing it and lost her explanation it also said (sold).  Hopefully if she wants to she’ll add an addendum saying whatever else she wants to say about it.

But I was mulling over things that aren’t mainly on my mind deciding which of them to write about this morning, carefully avoiding the one thing that mainly is, when I saw the title in the drafts.  It brought to focus what actually is swirling around in my brain.  I suppose I might as well write a bit about that.

A project I’ve been working on almost a decade appears to be coming to a climax.  Surprising progress began falling into place during the past few days, and preliminary results provide a reason to hope I’m finally examining datasets that will allow testing and formulating a theory.    If the tests indicate it’s worth it, there’ll be revisions, more testing, more revisions, until something cohesive emerges, or doesn’t emerge.

I don’t dare speculate on where it will head because expectations have a way of working themselves into outcomes, and I’m doing my best to avoid that. 

But the fact is, it’s taken a decade almost, and countless hours and days of research, calculations, accumulation of data, wrong directions untaken, other wrong directions taken and backed out of in getting here.

One way or another I think this simultaneity and time thing is finally going to be allowed to absent my life over the next few months.  Order out of chaos finally, either by discovering my fundamental premises were wrong and I don’t have to do this anymore, or they were correct and sense can be made of this.

Either way, it’s a strange place to find myself, a hollow looming up in my life I wonder how I’m going to fill with what must inevitably be another pesky reincarnation.

Old Jules

18 responses to “Order Out of Chaos

  1. Be careful where you tread 😉

    • Jan Freeman: No way ahead of time to know what to be careful of. Once a what-to-be-careful-of emerges in life it’s because we weren’t careful of it, but it’s too late. Hope you tread safe trails if that’s what you’re looking for. Gracias, Jules

  2. wonderful post, thank u so much, plz keep writing

    • Thanks denablueline: I appreciate the visit. I’ll see how things go. If I gets my fingers chopped off accidently I probably won’t write anymore, but failing that most likely I will. Gracias, Jules

  3. Happy Thursday Amigo…your post dredged up something that was rattling around the rafters of the Old Quarter (probably will rattle them forever, one can hope anyway)…..
    “We’ve all got holes to fill
    sometimes those holes
    are all that’s real”
    We’ve been filling holes all our lives, as soon as one is filled in, another miraculously appears even bigger and deeper than the last one…..
    I would not worry too much about it Jules, I think I just heard the Coincidence Coordinator’s crank up their backhoes, maybe one day they will let us dig our own again? ….my next incarnation I’m thinking of either letting a robot do all the digging or I’m gonna use a teaspoon to dig with 😉
    Best regards and wishes to TGSB, the kitties and your new direction, may the big heavy rocks be quickly turned to sand for you..

  4. Given what you’ve already been through — and that’s just the stuff you’ve told us — I doubt it would take long for you to find another way to occupy your fertile mind, regardless of the outcome.


    • Morning Keith: I’m glad to see you online. Hope you guys had a good whatchallit, Christmas and all. I think that Guadalupe thing is supposed to be a gold mine, but I’d have to do some reading to refresh my memory. A guy from Tucson who hunted the other one with me a while sent me an email about the Guadalupe thing a year-or-so ago… he’d picked up what he thought was a piece of obscure info that looked authentic. But I don’t know all that much about the Guadalupes and at the time it was out of the question for me to even consider devoting any time thinking about it. As I recall the old guy was trekking over there from the Odessa area.

      I do need some mountains in my life, but I don’t know whether the Guadalupes are the ones trying to find their way into it. Probably the next few months will give me a better idea what I think I need to be doing with myself. Regards to the wyf and chillerns. J


    • Keith: It ain’t as though you need the money no matter what price gold is. What you need is a 20 degree slope and the prospect of something interesting between you and the top. There are other things besides gold mines might serve. Glad you came by. J

  7. going to share the results?

  8. What is one to say about such things except “awesome?”
    I guess I’d say that a hole is just a mountain from a different perspective. The direction one travels is, I guess, dependent upon which perspective one takes.

  9. Some of the best things in the world take years to age to perfection; wine, great sculptures, ideas…people. Who ever knows what we are capable of until we explore the different avenues and don’t let go when we find the one that confounds us, excites us, solves a dilemma, or makes us happy.

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