Possible Mistaken Identity

Morning readers.  Thanks for coming by for a visit.

Now that my freezer compartment’s thawed out I was due to make a town run for necessaries.  Yesterday I took Little Red in and took the back road past Habitat for Humanity thinking they’d be open, but they weren’t. 

But there’s a pallet out front where they always put things that didn’t sell for anyone who wants them, free.  Whether they’re open, or closed, there’s often a lot of stuff there a person with the right turn of mind might find a use for.  Around the other side of the building there’s a similar area marked, DONATIONS, clearly separated from this one.

The ‘Free’ sign wasn’t out, but the pallet did have a lot of junk on it, so I pulled in and looked it over.  I figured the store was just closed for the day for some reason.  I picked off three ceiling fan motors and a few other possibly useful items.  I’ve got a number of other ceiling fan motors I picked off that pallet here I haven’t decided what to do with yet, but copper’s got a high pricetag on it, at the very least.

But when I got back and swung by Gale’s to brag about it he shook his head.  “Man, they’ve been closed since before Christmas.  I’m amazed someone hadn’t picked them up.”

“Closed?  Since before Christmas?”  Wrinkled brow, puzzling.  “Sheeze!  I’ll bet somebody dropped those off as donations.  Just left them in the wrong place.”

So maybe I made a haul of some discarded fan motors and maybe I temporarily stole some intended to be donations to Habitat for Humanity.  I’m going to have to contact Linda, the manager, to find out whether I need to haul them back to town.  And if they’re closed until after New Year I reckons I’ll have the use of them until the status is nailed down as to whether they’re stolen property or pre-emptively rescued from some other less deserving scavenger.

Seems life’s never simple.

Old Jules

10 responses to “Possible Mistaken Identity

  1. You would think that they would post a sign saying when they are open or when they will be.

    • Hi DizzyDick: There might have been such a sign, but there was a truck blocking the view on that side, a couple of people unloading a washer and dryer and other stuff at the DONATIONs area. I called across to them and asked whether the store was closed [front door was right where they were parked] and they just answered, “Closed.”. I didn’t pay any more mind to it, did my thing while they did theirs. Thanks for the visit. Jules

  2. Hi Jules! Interesting post here. Thanks for following my blog “Word Play” and sorry that it took me a week to notice. Finally recovering from “Tis the season” I guess, which is a good thing. Have a great day! 🙂

  3. Not many people would bother to find out whether they’d made a heist or a haul- good for you!
    I would have picked up the racks, I’m always trying to keep things orderly and racks are handy for that.

  4. If I had left something out as a donation, I wouldn’t mind who picked it up as long as it was worth something to them. I don’t know what Habitat for Humanity is, but you strike me as Humanity and equally deserving.

    • Thanks Snailquake> I’d guess ownership passed to the HFH center when it was dropped off. So if they discarded it, it’s up for grabs. If it was just sitting there waiting for them to open and take it inside, it’s their property, I reckons. It’ll all work out once I’ve talked with them. Gracias, Jules

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