Japan: “Send us your poor, your hungry and your trouble-makers”

Japan PM Seeks Overseas Help on Fukushima Leak


At least the ones past the age of reproduction.

Watch for the ads appearing on Craigslist:  Employment Opportunity!  Temporary positions in exotic environment.  Rapid advancement for team players.  Apply now.

7 responses to “Japan: “Send us your poor, your hungry and your trouble-makers”

  1. You know, Jules, if they pay enough money people will put their lives on the line…for a taste of luxury. Definitely will be “temporary” positions. Believe I’ll stay in the exotic environment of southeastern Ohio.

    • Hi Bev. Likely some will. If they manage to do something to stop the leakage they ought to get promoted to a fairly nice next lifetime, I figures. Gracias, J

  2. Question: Can one nuclear reactor malfunction contaminate the entire planet? Good chance that is what we are seeing. When does it stop? Need Input ! Need Input ! Need Input !

    Johnny 5

    • Hi Chuck: I’d guess it’s all relative. Contaminate the entire planet as compared to what? Seems to me there’s no doubt it can contaminate the entire planet compared to something-or-other. For instance, compared to a nuclear reactor non-malfunction. But for lack of something else to compare it to, I don’t know whether anyone knows whether it can. Evidently the one in Japan will be providing us with some answers to those questions, however, over a considerable while. Jack

  3. I guess that isn’t a job for me. I lack team playing skills. Bummer.

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