Solving the US deficit spending crisis to develop better human beings as food

The proposal to resolve the US debt and deficit spending crisis by making 1 billion dollars last week worth 1 actual dollar next week has a lot of merit, by some standards.  The main one being it’s the only way the debt will ever actually get paid.

But there’s another strong argument in favor of it.  Once it’s done there’s absolutely no likelihood anyone’s gonna loan the people who do it anymore money.  Once it’s adopted the US will enter a bright new era of precisely balanced budge and spending practices.

It’s called ‘burning your credit cards’ in the private sector.

Naturally it will work some hardships on some people.  A loaf of bread costing $52 million, for instance, or a package of Raman worth $962 thousand  will slow down eating habits in some households. 

But in the end it will clear up the current debt and reduce accusations by space aliens that worldwide dominant species compulsive consumerism is interfering with their selective breeding programs. 

Breeding human beings to create more palatable cuisine for space aliens has to be the highest priority.  Temporary hardships among the breeding stock can’t be avoided.

Old Jules

4 responses to “Solving the US deficit spending crisis to develop better human beings as food

  1. Old Jules, your vision of the world is always refreshing and bang on.

  2. I’m reminded of Rod Serling’s classic 1962 story of the Kanamit space aliens on “The Twilight Zone”. The space creatures are “rescuing the human race by loading them onto a huge spaceship.
    The closing lines of the teleplay are:
    “Kanamit’s voice: Please move ahead. You’re holding up our departure. Kindly move ahead. (Cut to: Two-shot Chambers and Pat) Chambers: Well? Pat: Mr. Chambers…Mr. Chambers, the first page is just a collection of English words with their own translation. But the rest of the book…the rest of the book—it’s a cookbook!”

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