Mastering the empty gesture – how can regular people compete?

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If you’re like me you probably spend a lot of time trying to come up with empty gestures you can use to create the illusion you’re doing something meaningful. 

Texas Thumb and Finger Signs

Naturally we all want to convey the impression to those around us that what we’re doing is important, and by extension, that we personally are important.  But regular people are trying to do something at home that really requires experts to pull off.

For instance, wossname, the guy in the White House right now, provides perfect examples we could follow if only we mastered the subtle nuances.

Obama walks to sandwich shop to try to win points on budget

Obama wades into debate over NFL Washington Redskins’ name

No, it isn’t just the White House.  Masters of the empty gesture are there in all levels of government robbing the macho of regular people:

Ohio says may seek execution drugs from compounding pharmacies

U.S. judge orders release of mentally ill Guantanamo prisoner

Citizens, limited by their own lack of training, experience and imaginations are reduced to the mundane, inane and vapid:

Women seek access to traditionally male-only Mormon gathering

Man who set himself on fire near monuments in Washington dies

The oppressive hoarding by government and politicians of empty gesture expertise has to end in our great land.  Our sainted ancestors fought hard throughout our history to provide us with empty gestures as a source of pride and accomplishment.  But today, who ever heard of the Boston Tea Party?

Back in the day we knew what empty gestures were down at grassroots levels.  We didn’t need any politicians and their one-upsmanship robbing our macho.

Old Jules

4 responses to “Mastering the empty gesture – how can regular people compete?

  1. All politicians are full of empty gestures!! Especially the ones at the top.

  2. Laughing and grinning.

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