Name that species: competing space aliens – recognizing our breeders

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For reasons not fully understood two competing species of our space alien breeders are in a slugout over the mothballed NASA space shuttle launch site in Florida.  Evidently they’re after a backup plan to get the hell out of Dodge in case human beings become restive about being selectively bred for food.

This, of course, is of no consequence to most of us because we’re loyal to the general concept and do everything we can to cooperate with their goals.  We don’t know enough about the differences in the aliens to prefer one set over the other.

For that reason, the battle between the two species offers a rare opportunity to study and recognize subtle differences in appearance between the ones who prefer fat human meat in their diets, and those who enjoy the offspring of beefy football types joined with cheerleaders.

Notice the subtle differences.

These rare photos depict examples of the two species currently competing for the Get-the-hell-out-of-Dodge bolt hole NASA’s offering to lease.

As you can see, species #1 makes no attempt to disguise the fact hair doesn’t grow easily, whereas careful examination of species #2 at the hairline clearly shows the artificial surgical placement of entire scalp.  The eyes and lips are a dead giveaway to allow us to recognize the differences, as well.

But pay particular attention to the ears of species #1.  That ear was obviously taken from one of the food items after a certain amount of struggle, probably during the course of a meal.   Meanwhile, species #2 has natural ears that only needed trimming to allow for adequate disguise as human ears.

For we menu items the issue of which species gets the Space Shuttle launchpad is probably of no consequence.  But it does provide a means to better understand the sort of creatures we’ll end up providing sustenance for.

We are, after all, what we get eaten by.

Old Jules

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