Craigslist buyers coming home to Jesus

"Hello.  I want that generator!  Tell me how to get there.  Be there in a couple of hours.  Don't sell it to anyone else."

“Hello. I want that generator! Tell me how to get there. Be there in a couple of hours. Don’t sell it to anyone else.”

Getting a lot of response trying to sell that Onan generator on Craigslist.  Heck, everyone wants it.  All I’ve got to do is walk up the hill and wait, they’ll be there before you can say Jack Robinson.

Reckon why someone would do something of that sort?  Lying through their damned teeth, saying something of that sort, obviously never intending to do it?

And not just one.  Floods.

Space aliens, I figures.  Setting me up for the big one.

Old Jules

15 responses to “Craigslist buyers coming home to Jesus

  1. I got a Generac 5000 something to go. Can’t pull start it and probably need the plates re-magnetized by now. Will cost $$$ to get operating. Y2K You know. Duh! And SIGH! DUH for Duhmb (drop the h)

    • Chuck: Probably it ain’t the plates being magnetized keeping it from running. Might check to see fire’s getting to the plug when you pull the cord. Probably hot, but when you pull the plug you’ll be able to see the gas you left in there went kerplunk and fouled the plug, grunged up the fuel line, carb, gas tank most likely. Just flush everything out clean it up and I bet she’ll crank. If it’s 4 cycle turn it to the compression stroke before you pull the cord. Good luck. Jack

      • Chuck Cunningham

        I got the info from a repair guy that put the mulcher on my new mower, which i will use if I can get the apples picked up and the burning done. But you are probably right. He was thinking of the fact that it had not run but about an hour or two 14 years.

        Thanks for the info. I’ll try it. I have to get the pressure washer going and clean the bugs from the siding and around the lights. Also, we are into yellow jackets right now and they love apples

        • Hi Chuck: Apples and yellowjackets to show us all’s well with the world. Can’t tell whether the generator generates until the engine runs. Just saying. Jack

          • I can probably avoid that for a while but us obsessive compulsive types will have another bit to pick up now. With 5 baby carts plus Mom and the more than that others, there is no shortage of nits and other things.

            Oh, the Emperor turned down another compromise. Brat! Why did we ever ket him out of Illinois. Why change the song if the tune is getting you kudos (sp?)

  2. Know what you mean about people saying something then you find out they never intended to do what they said. I have three or four hits on some nice (compressed wood) end tables. All of them wanted to pay the “high” price I had on them sight unseen, not even photos. They wanted me to accept a cashiers check for more than double the money to cover transportation to them , payment of the items and a little extra for me paying the delivery people. Smelled of a scam. They kept trying. I finally looked up the email address of the agency charged with making examples out of these kind of folks. They refused to do anything until I had been ripped off. What kind of fool did they think I was? I could smell a rat. I didn’t need to get rat bit to know it was a rat. Nor did I see any reason to get bit. ‘Cause I know that government sorts are not overly interested in catching rats. Rather just get their paycheck. Blessings. M

    • Mary: Crazy stuff. When I was trying to sell the AC off the Toyota a guy sent me a certified check for maybe $1500 wanted me to cash it, keep the AC money plus a couple of hundred, send him back the remainder, said he’d then contact me to ship the AC. I chased down the check and the guy signed it. The check was on the boys and girls clubs in Boston. Guy who signed it didn’t work there anymore. Jack

      • Nice guy!

        • Chuck: Yeah, but as I mentioned, the check was on BGCB …. I called them and tried to report what was happening to the financial officer, no getting past the secretary. So I emailed them and never heard back. Finally tore up the check. But the generator post is bringing in what seems to be the same bunch still trying to play the same game.

          • Real low IQ types or they think you are.
            You have your hands full with transportation, mee with maintenance.
            Some health issues but still above ground for a while. You ‘ok’ ?


          • I figure they must KNOW I am, Chuck. I’m fairly transparent that way. Yeah, I’m good here. Thought I had a coronary the other day, sort of laid me back for a couple of days, but I got okay mostly. Wasn’t as bad as the one in the canyon down in the Gila back in the early 2000s kept me lying down 24 hours next to a creek before I could take another two days getting out 100 yards, rest, 100 yards, rest, ad infinitum. I didn’t think I was going to survive that one roughly 1000 times before I made it back to the vehicle. Jack

          • As in “Yikes”. Sort of a wake up call to be ready. I hope I can get rid if my junk before I go. e-Bay has been disappointing there. May need Craig’s List but don’t want any “Lo-Octane” types scoping out the house.


          • Morning Chuck: Getting rid of our junk before we go would be a nice aspiration. We mostly haven’t been that good at it, us humans. I’ve been around a lot of those ruins out in NM and AZ, Utah, and even though they didn’t have metal and plastic a thousand years later what they didn’t get rid of is still hanging on. And from just a century and some change ago there’s plenty to tell you how the folks who lived in this cabin ruin spooned their food into their faces, drank whatever they drank, tried to stay warm and dry, even if the Apache killed them, burned them out and ran off with everything worth taking. Comes down to it maybe the Lo-Octane types serve a useful historical function. I wouldn’t mind if some came in here and stole a few years worth of cat food cans. Save me gathering them up and hauling them somewhere further out of sight. Hang tight amigo. Jack

          • I found the cat food cans we use are aluminum and you can get $$ at the recyclers. But they can sure eat a lot. Me thinks on to dry food pretty soon.

            I do think the “Get rid of it effort” will waste life. AND as soon as I get rid of it, I will need it. Still I often can not seem to find the right nails and screws I need when I need them.

            Gotta go pick up apples now and try to cut and burn before the snow flies and that may be in a week or two if the temp predictions are correct and we get some additional moisture.

            Hope you get your transportation working. Neighbor had one of those huge drivable homes like the Chicaho Bears drive around. Neat if you are rich enough to gas it up. (GPM)=Gallons Per Mile.

            “Big Wheel keep on turnin’ Proud Mary keep on burnin’ ; Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ on the river”


          • Hi Chuck: The cat food cans here respond to a magnet. No value to them worth mentioning. Yeah, big wheels keep on turning, one hopes, once they get started doing it. Gracias, J

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