The lingering worldwide genitalia crisis

Whether it's John Kennedy or Madonna in the room behind her probably isn't an issue worth fretting about.  Besides, she mightn't even be female.

Whether it’s John Kennedy or Madonna in the room behind her probably isn’t an issue worth fretting about. Besides, she mightn’t even be female.

A person would think all this would have come to a climax by now.  Heck, the ancient Greeks used to already cross genitals with anything that could walktalk or crawl.  Even Alexander the Great couldn’t figure out which he liked best. 

For a lot of centuries the Ottomans couldn’t make a distinction between little boys and little girls come dark.  The noble Romans, both male and female  spent so much time admiring the muscles of Roman men they lost track of what countries they were losing their grip over.

Centuries, centuries centuries Catholic priests were diddling other peoples’ wives anytime they couldn’t find little boys to amuse them.  From Rock Hudson to Liberace the US entertainment industry has taken a wide-angle view of the whole mess almost from the beginning.  Today the whole arena of female celebrities are fornicating with anyone with a nutsack and an eighball, and probably there’s a smattering of males among them discovering their female sides.

Every fundamentalist and politician in the country happyhappyhappy sending young men off to get gang raped in prison for toking up or owning the wrong controlled substance.   While the fundamentalists, patriots and politicians sit home masturbating with fantasies of being on one side or the other of the whole thing.

Nobody raising any eyebrows.

But suddenly in Israel and Russia they’ve discovered homosexuality and figure it’s something needs some posturing about.  Worse than a bunch of damned Baptists preachers looking up from whatever they’re sneaking around the red-light districts doing.  Noticing there are people out there who don’t make good judgements regarding genital placement.

Fact is, when the USSR was running over Germany as it retreated from the Red Army during WWII no anus of either gender was safe from invasion by Red Army penetration.  

And while they mightn’t be Zionists, there’s reason to suspect a plethora of successful, well-known Jews worldwide can’t be accurately portrayed as heterosexual.

Seems likely given the fact it’s been going on so long and the people doing it are otherwise frequently good folks, that nothing much is going to change.  People are going to do pretty much whatever they want with their genitals.  All social pressures, government, religious damnation can do is make them try to find darker places to do it.

In a world where Chinese kill off one hell of a lot of their girl-babies and US women get so drunk or stoned they forget to use contraceptives and need the right to abort fetuses it’s hard to reconcile the whole thing.  Too confusing to assimilate.

Maybe Cher or Madonna could clear it all up.

Old Jules

2 responses to “The lingering worldwide genitalia crisis

  1. Likely a one of the practitioners on the other end of the scalpel used for female genital mutilation would be able to render an expert opinion.

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