Greenpeace, Sierra Club et al discovering world-shaking environmental crises as far as possible from Japan


Sign the petition.

Sign the petition.

Had you noticed that?  The dead silence until they could figure out something badbadbad happening they could yell about and pretend to investigate where the Japanese radiation wouldn’t fry their grandkids?

I’d wondered where they were on all this north Pacific stuff, them not uttering a word.  But it turned out they were following their Geiger counters to the point of diminishing returns, finding something threatening the environment where it’s safe to find it.

Old Jules

8 responses to “Greenpeace, Sierra Club et al discovering world-shaking environmental crises as far as possible from Japan

  1. I expect to hear more from the Jaranese situation.

    Got an e- mail today not to feed dogs raw salmon from Pacific coast even to Alaske because of various liver and other system destroying flukes and things I didn’t’t understand. If you or yours care, I could send it along. Now , if it had said cats…….

  2. Sierra club just organized their first official protest in 100 years. They can’t afford to look like conspiracy theorists right now. That or its just so obvious that they figured everyone already knew.

  3. Are you aware some ads, apparently malware is using your blog? At least that is what appeared to me to be happening. It wants me to download some media player 12.5 version. Blessings, M.

    • Mary, if you can give me the exact text of the message maybe I can do some research on the problem. Sounds like a WordPress issue, but I don’t know. We don’t have any control over what ads they put up, but maybe I can find some information on the forums. Email me if you want (
      Jeanne (Admin)

    • Mary: Yep, I’ve seen a good bit of it dealing with Craigslist. This time around I’m being careful.

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