Post Ammunition Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Best for weddings, family reunions, picnics and hanging around ATMs.

Best for weddings, family reunions, picnics and hanging around ATMs.

So long as nobody else can get ammo get’em while they’re hot.

knives billboard

Ask about our brass knuckles, Ninja throw stars and billy clubs of all sizes.

Redesigning the flintlock pistol to take bic lighter flints and burn starter-fluid might be the way to get rich fast.  Something that fires steak knives at 500 feet per second, that sort of thing.

Get some American ingenuity and cottage industry going.  Trying to recall how the hell a man makes salt peter without having to boil chickenshit.  I seem to recall it’s a byproduct of evaporated seawater.  The last thing to come out after the sodium chloride is harvested off.

Open up a little Charcoal, Sulphur and Saltpeter-to-go joint out on the Interstate.  Maybe carry a sideline of water pistols loaded up with seawater from the Japanese coast.  Hell, that stuff will go right through bulletproof vests and cancel out several generations of offspring.

Old Jules

6 responses to “Post Ammunition Entrepreneurial Opportunities

  1. Thanks for the chuckle today.

  2. Chuckle. And I thought for sure this one opened Pandora’s Box. Guess not. I was sure looking forward to all the comments. Another day. Blessings. M.

  3. Loved the photos. Been down that highway many a time. Blessings. M.

    • I recall when they built that grapevine at Clines Corners. 2 lane on Rt 66 and what? 285? both directions. Made national news because Senator Proxmier gave it his Goldern Fleece Award as a government goondoggle. Jack

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