The Ghost Of America Past — The Sixties

Easy Rider’s a hell of a place to be finding something that makes sense.

Becoming is Superior to Being

Willow Springs Ranch-8228 art I blogThe Ghost of America Past — Image by kenne

Below, I’m sharing one of my favorite passages from the movie, Easy Rider. Isn’t it funny how both the political “left” and the “right” claim they know the meaning of “freedom.” This passage is often referenced by the religious-right and the secular-left, when the movie Easy Rider was a critical statement by a generation about America.

Remember how Bush used the film in his 1988 campaign as a symbol of a discarded American attitude, replaced by Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry, “Go ahead, make my day!”

For me, I still agree with George Hanson, “. . . this use to be a helluva good country.” Just goes to show you that if “objective reality” exist, its definition is defined by each individual, making reality very subjective. Or, put another way, objective reality exist, but our experiences of it are subjective.

— kenne

George Hanson: You know, this used…

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5 responses to “The Ghost Of America Past — The Sixties

  1. . . . thanks for the reblog.

  2. “they” hate it when you’re not on the hamster wheel with them, being a good little worker bee drone consumer “freeperson”. I’ve never seen or known any kind of warrior who stood in one place perpetually, they’re very special folks, legends in their own minds.

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