What’s with the pointy nightcaps? Sensible Sleep Headgear

Last night I dug out the lesser furry sleep cap and pulled down the ear-flaps for the first time this year. Just a word to the wise should be sufficient. Jack

So Far From Heaven

Every year I wonder about these pictures of Scrooge and others wearing pointee nightcaps.  It’s a subject dear to my heart because I became an aficionado of sleeping hats when I used to do my slumbering outdoors a lot.

The function of a nightcap is to keep a person from losing his body heat through his exposed scalp and hair.  Besides doing that it needs to stay on the head while you toss and turn.  Those pointed hats do none of that.

I’ve tried a lot of different types of sleeping caps through the years and found it’s not easy to find one that satisfies all the minimum criteria:

This one’s sheepskin and I’ve used it for 30 years when the weather’s cold enough.  But it’s stiff and doesn’t stay on all that well because one of the straps for tying under the chin broke off sometime way back there…

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6 responses to “What’s with the pointy nightcaps? Sensible Sleep Headgear

  1. I’ve had a recent request for the “fuzzy” sheets, I hope I can put it off another week or two.

  2. They’re real cute, aren’t they?

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